Conrad’s GAR Medals

Once again, I am expressing my gratitude for my pack rat ancestors and especially in this case to my Uncle Don Wilkinson who gave these medals to my mother recently.   My plan is to dedicate a section at the end to Conrad’s Grand Army of the Republic activities but I wanted to share the photo with you now.  What do you think?  Should I clean and polish them or leave as is?  I know patina is a good thing but I would especially like to see the biggest one as it originally was.  I also found replacement ribbons for the one on the right.  This one is very threadbare.


The two round ones in the lower right look like cuff links.  They say AOUW which stands for Ancient Order of United Workmen.  Created by veterans shortly after the Civil War, it was one of the very first organizations that created “insurance” for its members.  More information can be found on Wikipeida.


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